Welcome To Warna Warni Kids!

WarnaWarni focuses on creating an environment where children in the rural part of Indonesia can have fun through  creative activities. Furthermore, we aim to encourage them to be environmentally friendly and to learn about multi-cultural art as well as their own.

We provide a FREE, fun, after-school educational and artistic centre for children and teens in the Banda Islands, Maluku, Indonesia, where we have been active since September 2011. We hope to reach  many more children and youth in other rural parts of Indonesia.

We also provide them with classes in English language and in Maths.

Through colours, music, and performing arts, we hope to inspire them through the learning experience, to broaden their horizons and to put a bigger smile on their faces.

We run workshops such as:

  • Music classes – guitar, drum, bass
  • Art classes – painting, drama, theater, handy craft
  • Dance
  • English
  • Math
  • Environmental Awareness such as saving coral and the benefits of a clean lifestyle

We are always on the lookout for:

  • Volunteers
  • Donations
  • Art supplies
  • Educational toys/games eg. Lego, puzzles, boardgames
  • Snorkeling equipment

If you think you can contribute, please fill out the form below – we will contact you shortly!